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SEO Audit - You will find out the grade of your website SEO health

SEO Audit is report created in a way that outlines every bad SEO practice implemented on your website. Report is tailored in a way that everybody can understand it and create actionable tasks for improving website SEO heatlh.

Technical SEO Report

As google algoritm advanced there is a room for a lot of technical improvemnts. Crawl budget is one of the most importantn thigns for your SEO heath and if you miss to optmise site that will save crawl budget and ensure easy crawlability from SEO.

Competitor Analysis - Optimising Content for Search intent

Today google alrgoritm can understand sematic soncept behind some page and it’s becoming and uprising issues, because lot of people create pages for search engines and use tricks to gain edge in ranking algoritm. But have in mind if you are traing black hat techniques you are competing with one of the welthiest and most powerfull corporation in the world.

Our compeittors analysis will guide you toward creating best performing content for the user for the specific term.

Traffic Analysis

The best way we can know our customers better is to analyse traffic of website. We will create custom reports so we can conclude which content is performing the best and where we have room for enchacment. After implementation of findigs we will be able to track how our optimisation impact our website and users.

Link Analysis

Heathy and high relative links can hugly impact positions of any website. Links have a huge role in ranking algoritmh so tailoring link buidling plan is one of the most improtant improvments you can implement. It will drive traffic and ensure key positions for desired converting keywords.