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Improving website in technical manner as well as creation of content driven by search intent will result in top rankings for key industrie terms on market. Our data-driven approach give clear guide how to improve current and gain new ranking positions on search engines.

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Content creation for user search intent

The best performing pages on search engines are pages with great content that serves user. Competitors analysis will direct eforts our our SEO experts how to shape your content and perorm better then competitors for key terms.

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Full-Scale SEO Audit as initial step

    Creating Campaigns that will drive awareness and conversions of key product and services

After reciving incqury for auditing website, our team first step toward creating wining SEO strategy for website is Full-Scale SEO Audit, which will be grouped in 4 reports. This 4 reports will represent SEO heatlh report of website, which is created to cover main SEO ranking parameters and opportunities for your website

  • Technical SEO audit
  • Link Profile Strengh
  • Competitivness of Content
  • Traffic Analysis

Technical SEO Audit

This part of research will include all main technical SEO parametrs for heathy site. This area almost in all cases recquire the most investigation and improvments to achive SEO excelency of any web property.

Link Analysis

Seo team will analyse internal link structure as well as how URL is scuplted. Healthy links are one of the most important factor to rank for proper keywords on places that convert. This is very improtant due the recent Google Algo updates and Google determination to find a way to recognise paid links and PBN scams. After process is done Link profile of your website will be example for industrie.

Content Analysis

Delivering tailored microtargeted content that align with user search intent will result on dramatic improvent in rankings as well as conversion you get from your website. Thourugh approach in research and data-driven creation of tailored content will be one of the main mission of SEO team to drive more engagement on your web property.

Traffic Analysis

User behavior and user flow on website will tell us what are most improtant peaces of content on your website. We will more preciesely segment our target market and deliver engaging content in a way our audince interact with it.

Repots that you will love to read

Core principle for SEO is to asses data you have and classify it in a way that everybody understand. Value of the good reports is immersive so we will deliver montly reports that will tell us precisely what impact changes we implemented have on various web properties. Reevaluating data will lead us toward creating exellent digital property.

reassesment of SEO impact

Our success is driven by data, our team evaluates impact of any implementaion on website they made. When we know how our site performing and adujst it toward user intent results are inevitable.